Case Management

MVOC case managers are integral and personal components within the transitional and permanent-supportive residential reintegration programs.  Case managers at MVOC are compassionate yet fair advocates who provide personal coaching, mentoring, and facilitate resources at a level as determined by each individual client-resident.   MVOC case managers individually work with their clients to maintain program compliances and establish attainable goals in order to overcome challenges and achieve personal successes.


GPD (Grant Per Diem) Case Management:

The GPD Case Manager provides individualized assistance to up to 12 Veteran residents at our Central Street location. This is in coordination with the Homeless Veterans Grant Per Diem program and is a component of the Healthcare for Homeless Veteran’s (HCHV) program. The case manager assists residents through this transitional living experience as they work through mental health and/or substance abuse treatment.


Unity and Cathy’s House Case Management

                The Unity and Cathy’s House Case Manager provides case management assistance to residents at both of these MVOC permanent-supportive housing options, up to 15 male veterans at Unity House and up to 8 female veterans at Cathy’s House. The case manager assist residents to either adjust to the congregational living nature of these homes or make a plan to transition in to a more independent option in the future.


Housing Retention Case Management

                Through grant funding awarded by the Department of Veterans Affairs, MVOC is able to offer intensive case management services for previously homeless veterans that are transitioning into permanent housing. This type of case management provides in-home time-sensitive support that assists Veterans in navigating the challenges of independent living.