Benefits Advisement & Advocacy

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Services offered by Benefits Coordinator include but are not limited to…

• Obtaining Military Records & Discharge Paperwork
• Requesting Personnel and Medical Records
• Obtaining Service Medals
• Service-Connected Disability Compensation Claims
• Non-Service Connected Disability Compensation Claims
• State Annuities and Bonus for Combat and Disabled Veterans
• Food Stamp & Fuel Assistance Application Assistance
• Utility Discount Application Assistance
• G.I. Bill, FAFSA, Continued Education Assistance, Applications, and Forms
• Veterans Administration Vocational Rehabilitation
• Massachusetts Vocational Rehabilitation
• Advocacy
• Indemnity Compensation for Veteran’s Survivors
• Education Benefits for qualified Veteran’s Dependents
• VA Life Insurance Programs
• VA Health Care Application and Financial Mean Test
• Masshealth Application Assistance
• VA Home Loan Eligibility Application
• VA Burial and Funeral Application Assistance


Please do not hesitate to make an appointment by calling 978-632-9601 so we can work to help you.