Mental Wellness


The MVOC Mental Wellness Programs provide mental and emotional care that helps veterans develop support systems, coping mechanisms, and aids for the reintegration process back into their personal livelihoods, families, and communities. Mental health significantly contributes to the MVOC successful efforts of reducing homelessness and reintroducing stability into a veteran’s life.   The program is provided to ALL veterans seeking wellness at no cost as long as they enroll in the MVOC program as a resident or non-resident.

The program is facilitated by a licensed social worker or counselor, experienced non-licensed counselor, or through peer-directed sessions and activities.  MVOC mental wellness providers are experienced in working with homeless individuals, those dealing with substance use or addiction, family situations, PTSD and personal trauma, and women and children.  The mental wellness program is coordinated by a Senior Counselor and a support team of counselors and case managers who create and oversee a variety of individual and group therapeutic opportunities.

The MVOC also offers alternative and holistic therapeutic options of establishing and managing overall life-balance within the objective of maintaining personal mental wellness.

Counseling is offered by appointment or on a walk-in basis Monday thru Friday, and for personal crisis intervention after hours based on availability.  Call 978-632-9601 for further information or to set up an appointment.

If it is an emergency, you can call the Veterans Crisis Hotline at  800-273-8255, Press 1, or dial 911 for emergency medical services.